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A Trusted And Dedicated Attorney During Difficult Times

Whether you face criminal charges, a divorce or a custody dispute, your future is at stake. You want an attorney dedicated to your best interests and willing to fight for your legal rights when times are tough. You need an assertive lawyer you can trust and depend on. I am attorney Damion Sanford, and I assist clients in Lexington and throughout Fayette County with criminal defense and family law cases. I get to know my clients and truly listen to them. Only then can I devise a legal strategy to meet my clients’ needs. As your lawyer, I will explain every step as we go through your case so that you can make educated decisions for your future.

Don’t Face Your Criminal Charges Alone

A criminal conviction can affect your future forever, not to mention you could face hefty fines and time behind bars. Finding legal help right away is the best way to protect your future. At Sanford Law, PLLC, I represent clients against a wide range of criminal charges, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) – Even a first DUI offense can mean jail time and losing your license. You can and should fight your charges. Multiple charges can result in a class D felony.
  • Traffic violations – Although they seem insignificant compared to serious crimes, these violations add up and threaten your license. They are worth fighting.
  • Drug and alcohol possession – This could include everything from underage drinking to possession of a Schedule I drug, like heroin.
  • Drug trafficking – This is a serious felony offense, and I will help you fight to have it dismissed, reduced or acquitted at trial.
  • Class D felonies – These felonies can include a range of offenses, from weapons violations to burglary to stalking.

With my proximity to the University of Kentucky, I have many clients who are college students and handle charges that are often found on college campuses. These include DUI, assault, sex offenses, public intoxication, and drunk and disorderly conduct. You may need to face your school’s administrative discipline board in these cases. I have experience representing students before these boards. Whatever charges you face, I will fight for your rights.

Your Rock During A Family Law Dispute

For many people, nothing is more important than their family, especially their children. Facing any type of family law issue can be difficult and emotional. My job is to be your steady rock throughout the legal process, helping you focus on the future and a positive outcome. Common issues I handle include:

  • Divorce – You will likely have to resolve many difficult issues regarding property division and, if you have children, custody and child support.
  • Uncontested divorce – If you and your spouse can come to an agreement outside of court, you may qualify for a simplified divorce process. This process is far less expensive than a traditional divorce.
  • Custody and visitation – Whether you need a custody order as part of a divorce or you were never married, you will have to either develop your own plan together or go before a judge to request an order.
  • Child support – Courts follow Kentucky state guidelines when determining child support payments. I will help you understand the guidelines and what you can expect.

You deserve a lawyer who will put you first throughout your case. I will take the time to learn what your goals are for your case so that we can work toward those goals together.

Discuss Your Case With Me

I am here to help and will discuss your case in a free initial consultation. The sooner you contact me, the better chance you have of avoiding missteps and delays in your case. Please contact me online or call my office at 859-908-1939 as soon as possible.